Frequently Asked Questions

Zoozle is a Lead generation platform for business owners. This concept is designed for Business Owners who want to eliminate lead generation cost, instead pay a success fee only on Leads that convert to transactions. Any Business with a GST number can onboard on Zoozle “Absolutely Free”.

Every business buys products and services regularly for their business use or personal use. If a business that is listed on zoozle starts to buy the same products or services through zoozle, Other businesses listed on Zoozle get their leads and try to give a great deal to get the transaction. Likewise, when other businesses want to buy products or services that you sell, you get their leads. Give them an attractive price and get the transaction. Basically, the more you buy from zoozle listed businesses the higher the chance of getting more sales through zoozle.

List your business on Zoozle. It’s free and quick. Do it yourself, its easy too.
Your business gets a Zoozle Virtual Account, to make and receive payments when you buy or sell.
You can move money to your bank account anytime.
Start buying anything through Zoozle.
Receive Super Leads through Zoozle.
Start selling when you get super leads.

Any business can register on Zoozle absolutely free.

You can invite your existing vendors on zoozle and transact with them. Since you have invited the vendors as your existing suppliers, they will never have to pay a fee on transactions with you. And both you and your supplier get additional business opportunities from Zoozle.

Raise an enquiry on the Zoozle app and get quotations from relevant registered Zoozle sellers. You can chat or call them, negotiate and buy from a seller who gives you the best price or deal.

Listing on Zoozle is free, but if you buy from other businesses on zoozle, you increase your chances of receiving super leads. Remember, this is a platform where you are both a buyer and seller.

All transactions on Zoozle should happen through Zoozle Virtual Account. Any transaction that’s done outside zoozle will not be accounted in your purchase. And we cannot assure you of a dispute resolution in case you get cheated.

You get quotes from several businesses, you can choose to buy only if the price is good. However, we never allow sellers to disturb you with calls, only you as a buyer can initiate a phone call. The sellers can only chat with you.

Yes you can withdraw money from your Virtual Account anytime

No, you can load the money when you have to purchase. But we encourage Business Owners to have some balance in the Virtual Account as it increase the chances of getting super leads.

Zoozle is not an e-commerce platform. Hence you will not see products all the time. But you can raise enquiry for whatever you want and the respective sellers will provide you all details of the product you want to buy. There is an option to share images and videos of the products on chat.

If your need is urgent we request you to buy it elsewhere. If not raise an enquiry and give us sometime and we will be able to get sellers for the product you need. It will be worth the wait.

Zoozle does not commit the number of leads you can expect. This is a platform where business owners get listed and buy in order to get super leads. When another business owner raises an enquiry for your product or service, you may receive that super lead. This is how leads get generated on Zoozle

It is not advisable. Chances are you will not get super leads unless there are no other sellers apart from you for your product/Service on zoozle.

Zoozle facilitates connecting buyers to sellers and vice versa. Hence all returns/refunds policy should be discussed directly with the seller

Payments are seamless since every buyer makes the payment through the virtual account. You will get the money in your Virtual Account almost in real time once the buyer confirms that he has received the product or service from you.

However, if you have agreed to give credit, then you will receive the payment as soon as the buyer makes payment.

Product needs to be sent to the buyer directly. Zoozle only facilitates buying and selling on the platform. Zoozle may have logistic partners in your city, please refer and use if you feel it fits your need.

Enquiries are generated on our platform, transactions and payments also happen on our platform. Hence we will have all the details (for ex. How many leads you received, how many you closed, how many enquiries you raised etc.)

We may have a logistic partner depending on your city. You may choose to use their service and pay for it through the Zoozle Virtual Account
Alternatively, you can mutually agree on a delivery method with the buyer.

Since listing on Zoozle is free, you have nothing to lose here. We encourage you to buy product/ services that you will anyway buy from somewhere else. Instead if you buy it through Zoozle you will have a high chance of getting leads, that too free of cost.
It might help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Commission percentage is based on your category. This will be informed to you while onboarding.

Yes, to associate with Zoozle, a GST registration is mandatory.

Zone is an area of approximately 5km radius in and around your pin code.

Yes, you can get leads from other Zones in certain cases. Let us know and we will tell you how?

Ability to receive calls from buyers when they are ready to buy through the cloud call facility helps to close deals faster and maintain privacy of buyers.
All calls are recorded and available to review for a long period of time.