Zoozle Terms & conditions

1. Listed Products:

The Seller acknowledges and agree that the Member Content, where the Member has uploaded the list of his/her Products and he/she proposes to offer his/her own product, shall always be correct, updated and priced fairly and as per Zoozle’s pricing standards.

The Seller agrees that, once the Product is Listed on the Zoozle Platform, he/she shall be bound to fulfill the obligations to the Buyer, who use the Zoozle Platform to identify the Seller and his ‘Listed Products’ and places an order for such Listed Products through Zoozle.

The Seller further agrees that he/she cannot withdraw, cancel, alter, amend, change any or all ‘Listed Products’ once the Buyer places an order for the same.

The Seller further agrees and acknowledges that the products being offered for listing are compliant with the Product Guidelines.

2. Pricing Standards:

Zoozle reserves the right to decide the Sale Price of the Listed Product. The Seller shall specify the seller price (“Seller Price”) of the Product which they request Zoozle to list on the Zoozle Platform and shall grant Zoozle the right to add the Zoozle Fee and sell the Product at any price as Zoozle deems fit. However, the Seller shall be paid the amount specified in the approved listing request by Zoozle.

The Seller acknowledges and agrees that the Seller Price of any individual as well as collective Products offered as per “Listed Products” uploaded on the Zoozle Platform, shall always be correct, updated and priced fairly and as per these pricing standards.

Zoozle is committed to providing the best rates to its Members and Zoozle shall not list any products which shall, in its opinion be priced at a retail rate or rate higher than other online marketplaces.

To ensure that sellers do not face pricing errors and the same are removed from the Zoozle Platform, Zoozle regularly monitors the prices of items, including any other charges as applicable. If Zoozle finds seller pricing instances/practices that harm Member trust, Zoozle may remove the Listed Product, or in serious or repeated cases, suspend or terminate the account of the Member. Pricing practices of the seller that harm customer trust include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting a price on a product that may mislead customers
  • Setting a price on a product or service that is higher than recent prices offered on other online marketplaces

Zoozle reserves all rights to remove the Listed Product as and when required at our discretion or in accordance with the Members Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

3. Completion of Sale & delivery of Deliverables:

After successful placement of the order on the Zoozle Platform, as per agreed terms and conditions Seller shall deliver the Deliverables to the Buyer (“Completion of sale”). If for any reason, Zoozle comes to know that the Seller has not delivered the agreed Deliverables, Zoozle will/shall not pay the amounts until the issue is resolved. Zoozle reserves all rights to control the payments, including but not limited to, demanding the advance payments made to the Seller.

After successful Completion of sale, and the expiry of the return period as specified by the Seller, the Seller shall raise his invoice for the Products provided to the Buyer, as per sale made, on Zoozle, with all correct details mentioned on the invoice, to be eligible for the payments, which Zoozle shall endeavor to make within a reasonable period of time.

4. Invoices and Taxes:

Seller shall raise an invoice immediately directly or on Zoozle for their Products to the Buyer on successful placement of the order and deliver it along with the final Deliverables to the Buyer.

You as a Seller understand and agree that as an independent person/individual/any entity who is legally allowed to do business on this Zoozle Platform and to use any Zoozle Marketplace Services, you are solely responsible for clearly mentioning all details on the invoice, including but not limited to, the name of the individual/firm/company etc., with the correct postal address as registered with the statutory authorities, contact detail numbers & ID, reference of the sale number, Buyer name and sale reference, place of the event of sale, the details of the Products provided with the rates mentioned against each item of Products provided, details of various taxes with the applicable rate of tax per heading, mention their GST registration number, Permanent Account Number details, nominated bank details (as per the records maintained with us during the registration process) etc.

The Seller shall alone be responsible for any wrong details on the invoice and shall solely be responsible for any payment discrepancies if his/her bank details are wrongly mentioned or changed without information to Zoozle.

The Seller shall display and add the GST or any other taxes on the Invoice for sale of Products, separately and as per applicable rate at the time of raising such invoices. An all-inclusive of GST invoice will not be accepted at all. The Seller shall at all times be responsible for

(i) determining the applicable Tax and the reporting requirements,

(ii) collecting and remitting all applicable Taxes related to your provision of Products and depending on the jurisdiction of the Products provided.

(iii) depositing and paying the collected applicable taxes into the Government treasury/ relevant regulatory authorities on time and without any delay.

As and when required by the applicable Indian tax laws, and in the event that tax regulations or the relevant regulatory authorities requires us to collect tax information from the Seller, the Seller shall fully and immediately provide the required information and/or take the required action. If you as a Seller fail to comply with the required action, we reserve the right to take any and all appropriate action reasonably necessary in Zoozle’s sole discretion to meet our obligations, including but not limited to suspending or terminating a Seller’s Membership, withholding amounts required by law, freezing all payments to Seller until resolution, and/or seeking injunctive relief.

If we are required, by law, to deduct or withhold taxes from payments due to you, we will issue to you the relevant withholding tax certificate evidencing deposit of the taxes with the Government treasury/ relevant regulatory authorities.

The Seller is solely responsible for complying with their obligations under Income tax provisions in their jurisdiction. Zoozle cannot and does not offer Tax-related advice to any Members.

5. Zoozle Fees:

In consideration for the use of the Zoozle Marketplace Services or any other chargeable services, Zoozle shall charge a Fee which shall depend on the Membership Model you choose and shall be either deducted from the final payments to you on completion of Sale or shall be paid upfront, by Seller as Fees.

Zoozle shall settle the sale proceeds to the Seller after the deduction and adjustment of all Zoozle Fee and the applicable fee in accordance with the Listing Terms and Members Agreement.

Any fee paid by the Seller for the Broadcasting Facility has to be in accordance with the Broadcasting Terms & Conditions.

Zoozle shall be solely responsible to collect its Fees from the Seller. Except as otherwise provided herein, Zoozle’s Fees are non-refundable.

6. Payment Processing Errors:

You understand and acknowledge that there can be payment processing errors by us at times. We shall endeavour to rectify any payment processing errors that we become aware of. These may include crediting or debiting (as appropriate) the same payment method used for the original payment to or by you, so that you end up receiving or paying the correct amount.

Zoozle shall settle the sale proceeds to the Seller after the deduction and adjustment of all Zoozle Fee and the applicable fee in accordance with the Listing Terms and Members Agreement.

7. Seller Payments:

Zoozle shall facilitate payment to a Seller only into his/her authorized and notified/nominated bank account as per his/her records made at the time of the registration process, the total amount accrued for the sale of Products provided by the Seller to a Buyer, subject to deductions for any relevant taxes as per the taxation laws of the country; and Zoozle Fees, if any, payable to Zoozle for providing any services as set forth in these Terms of Listing and Members Agreement entered into by the Seller at the time of his/ her registration. The payments shall be settled in the bank accounts of the Sellers within 7 working days of making a sale on the Zoozle Platform, subject to the terms and conditions of this Terms of Listing and Members Agreement. Zoozle has sole discretion to act on behalf of the Buyer, and withhold any payment on reasonable grounds, owed to the Seller, in cases where the Buyer reports that the Products were not provided or inadequately completed. This may include, but not limited to, circumstances where a Seller delivers part / incomplete/damaged/wrong Products. Zoozle will independently review such cases, seeking input from the Buyer and/or the Seller, and may decide at its sole discretion to issue refunds of any money paid by the Buyer.

You understand, agree and accept that your relationship with Zoozle is on a “Principal to Principal” basis and by accepting these Terms you agree that Zoozle is an independent online platform for all purposes. Zoozle does not guarantee the correctness and authentication of identity of any Buyer nor does it ensure the financial security of a Buyer. You further understand, agree and accept that Zoozle is neither an insurer nor a contracting agent, representative or an employer for you.

You understand, agree and accept that the payment facility provided by Zoozle on its Zoozle Platform is neither a banking nor financial service to you or the Buyer but is merely a facilitator providing, through a Third Party, an automated online electronic payment, collection and remittance facility for the transactions on its Zoozle Platform using the existing authorized Third Party banking/financial infrastructure and credit card payment gateway networks. Further, by providing payment facility, Zoozle is neither acting as an agent or trustee or acting in a fiduciary capacity with respect to the sales accepted and payments made/received on its Zoozle Platform.

Zoozle serves as a “Limited Payment Collection Agent” for the purpose of accepting payments from Buyer on your behalf and transmitting only your portion of payment to you into your authorised and notified/nominated bank account as per your registration records with us.

Zoozle will collect its Zoozle Fees when the Buyer makes the part/complete payment/s at the time of sale confirmation (i.e. when the Buyer places an order) and will initiate balance payment of the Products after deducting Zoozle Fees, to the Seller subject to the terms and conditions of this clause (except to the extent that a refund is due to the Buyer).

Zoozle shall not compensate or facilitate the compensation to the Seller for any Products sold outside of the Zoozle Platform.

8. Third Party Payment Gateways:

Zoozle can/may/shall/will designate a third-party payment processor/agency/financial institution/bank etc. (“Gateways”), to handle any and/or all for payment processing, and the time it takes for the Seller to receive their payments, for the Products provided and as per the agreed Terms and prices, may depend entirely upon the third-party payment Gateways. Zoozle shall not be held responsible for any delays by such Gateways in delayed/partial/non-payments as well as any consequential losses thereof. A third-party payment processor may impose its own additional charges for the use of its services to the Seller, including but not limited to deducting its service/handling charges from the payable payment amount.

By using the Third Party payment processing services, you agree to any/all the Third-Party Payment Services Agreement / Terms of Use / Privacy Policy.

9. Appointment as Limited Payment Collection Agent:

You agree and hereby appoint Zoozle as your “Limited Payment Collection Agent” solely for the purpose of accepting the money from the Buyer for the Products bought by him on the Zoozle Platform./p>

You agree that any/all payment made by a Buyer through Zoozle, shall be considered the same as a payment made directly to the Seller by the Buyer, and the Seller will make the Products available to the Buyer in the agreed-upon manner as if the Seller has received the consideration.

You also agree that Zoozle may, in accordance with the cancellation policy selected by the Seller and reflected in the relevant Listed Products, (i) permit the Buyer to cancel the sale and (ii) refund (via Zoozle) to the Buyer that portion of the consideration specified in the applicable cancellation policy.

You understand that as Zoozle accepts payments from Buyer as the Seller's “Limited Payment Collection Agent” and that Zoozle's obligation to pay the Seller is subject to and conditional upon successful receipt of the associated payments from the Buyer.

Zoozle does not guarantee payments to Seller for amounts that have not been successfully received by Zoozle from Buyer. In accepting appointment as the “Limited Payment Collection Agent” of the Seller, Zoozle assumes no liability for any acts or omissions of the Seller.

10. Cancellation Policy & Refunds:

Zoozle doesn’t guarantee or ensure any replacement, refund or cancellations for the Listed Products or Deliverables. Every Seller is responsible for the replacement, refunds and cancellation, if applicable and is required to update the cancellation and/or refund policy in the product description as required by Zoozle.

Zoozle in no way is responsible to provide any refunds for the Deliverables in case of any dispute between the Seller and Buyer.

All the refunds, cancellations and replacements shall be made only through Zoozle Platform and in the manner prescribed by Zoozle. Zoozle shall not be responsible to the Buyer and the Seller for any refunds, cancellations or replacements made outside the Zoozle Platform or in any other manner as prescribed by Zoozle

Seller acknowledges that, in case Zoozle discovers that any refund, cancellation or replacement is being done out of the Zoozle Platform or in any unauthorized manner, Zoozle shall terminate the Member’s account without any prior notice.

11. Shipping of Products:

Zoozle shall fulfil the shipping obligations for the delivery of the Listed Products to the Buyer. However, Zoozle shall only be responsible for the delivery of the products and not the authenticity and safe delivery of the same.In case of replacements/cancellations/refunds, such Product shall be replaced or returned through the prescribed method by Zoozle.

Seller acknowledges that it shall always comply with the Shipping Partner’s policy to use the shipping services. Any violation of such policy shall be the sole responsibility of Seller and Seller shall indemnify and hold harmless, Zoozle, it’s employees, directors, agents and affiliates for breach of Shipping Partner’s policies. Seller shall not use any other method/partner for shipping other than the prescribed mode/partner for shipping by Zoozle. The Seller acknowledges that they will not send customers e-mails regarding shipping confirmation of Listed Products.

12. Insurance:

You shall be required to obtain shipping insurance which shall be procured by Zoozle on your behalf for the sale of Listed Products. You shall be required to reimburse Zoozle for the amount of such insurance from the sale proceeds.

You agree and acknowledge that Zoozle shall adjust the amount of insurance from the sale proceeds and settle the amount to you.

You acknowledge and agree that, as Seller, you alone are responsible for your own acts and omissions, including but not limited to, accepting the sales made by the Buyer on this Zoozle Platform, payments made by Buyer and accepted for such sales, completion of the Buyer’s event/s and handing over deliverables to the Buyer. Zoozle only facilitates the Zoozle Marketplace Service and does not ensure fulfilment of the sale and/or payments.

You acknowledge and agree that, as Seller, you alone are responsible for the safety of your colleagues, agents, employees and likewise at the events. You understand the fact that Zoozle does not offer any insurance protection against any medical coverage for bodily harm or injury that may result from providing you Platform Services. Zoozle will not reimburse you for any medical bills, transportation costs or loss of wages as a result of the injury or for any accommodations.