Swaha Wax Free Cow Ghee Diya Batti (30 Pcs) - Pack of 1


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About the Product

Our Cow Ghee Diya Battis is made from pure cow ghee, cotton, and a solidifying agent. Swaha cow ghee wicks when burnt leave a mild fragrance behind. The fragrance is a combination of spiritual smells of camphor, sandalwood, and jasmine. Our wicks have an average burn time of 30 Mins. They are perfect for daily puja and other spiritual purposes. Burn our Diya batti during your morning puja and by the time you leave for the office, the wick will have finished burning, so you do not worry about any accidental mishaps. Diya Batti's are wax-free and start melting at temperatures above 60 degrees.


  • Easy to use
  • Place a wick in a diya and light it up
  • Saves time required to prepare the ghee diya wicks and reduces mess
Product Specifications
Model Number: 464654 - CGD
Brand: SWAHA
Type: Diya
Item form: Diya
Duration: 30 Mins
Special Feature: Made from pure cow ghee
Net Quantity: 112 Gms
Item Dimension: 8.1x8.7 x 5 Cm
Length: 8.1 Cm
Package Include: 30 Diyas
Pack of: Pack of 1
Country Of Origin: India

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